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    Askma Industries is one of world leading sports goods manufacturing network. Our network has been producing widest range of sports products since 1983. Our factories are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


    We have complete in-house manufacturing, designing and R&D facilities. We focus on continuous improvements and new product development to incorporate features that are superior to what is currently available in the market.Our production conform to the highest international standards.


    Our companies are a family business with rich experience of 2 generations serving sporting goods industry. Our all factories are situated in Sialkot as Sialkot was traditionally a city known for the quality of craftsmanship in its small cottage industry based economy.


    Today the cotttage industries have given way to large scale manufacturing units and the city has become the largest sports goods manufacturing hub of Pakistan. We continuously look forward to developing new products along with co-operation with our buyer & consultants.


    Our companies are always open to new ideas, product development and OEM products. We have solid systems and quality checks put into place for customer instructions compliance. Our commitment & quality consistent helps us to win many customers satisfaction.


    Our quality control team keeps a close eye on the entire production process.


    First of all we fully understand the requirements of our customers and try to frame our products in accordance to their specific demands. Last but not the least client satisfaction is our highest priority and we try our level best to delight them with best quality in economical range.

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    Sports Wears
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